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Purpose, Values & Goals

Our Purpose

We believe that a robust, independent media is fundamental to a democratic society in which individuals are empowered as critical thinkers, creative problem-solvers and engaged citizens. We expect our students, faculty and staff to use their communications skills and expertise to help our communities adapt and thrive in a complex global society. We aspire to be a catalyst for positive change in our region and a national leader in modern media education.

Our Values

PRINCIPLED: We represent the values of free speech and an ethical approach to journalism and media communications.

COLLABORATIVE: We are an inclusive and welcoming community that fosters meaningful collaborations of shared purpose within and beyond our university.

INNOVATIVE: We embrace a culture of creativity and risk-taking that anticipates and adapts to a dynamic and evolving media environment.

RELEVANT: We require our students and faculty to be current in their knowledge and skills and able to apply relevant theories to their practice.

CURIOUS: We produce academic and creative scholarship that can be shared and applied to real-world problems.

Our Goals

  1. Prepare students to be skilled and ethical communications professionals who are grounded in research methods, current and emerging media practices and the principles of the First Amendment.
  2. Advance media communications theory and practice that positions the college as an academic thought leader and an incubator for industry solutions.
  3. Use the skills and expertise of our faculty, staff, students and alumni to create and support communications that contribute to the well-being and betterment of local communities.
  4. Partner with the University to grow enrollment, advance innovation and entrepreneurship, and collaborate across disciplines and programs.