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The Reed College of Media and College of Creative Arts will merge to form the new WVU College of Creative Arts and Media as of July 1, 2024. Get details.

Event Planning

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects event planner employment growth of 43.7% between 2010 and 2020 with the expectation that over 30,000 new jobs will be added during that time frame. This puts the event planning industry on a much faster pace of growth than the average industry. This growth leads US News and World Report to ranks the upward mobility of event planners as “Above Average” something that many young people find very appealing. Money Magazine ranked event planning at #8 in their list of the top 20 jobs for young people. There are many ample opportunities to enter this industry on the ground floor, and we owe it to our students to adequately prepare them for such a career.

Event Planning Minor Requirements

Students in colleges and units outside of the College of Media may earn a minor in Advertising by completing the following courses and meeting the requirements as stated below. The Advertising minor is not available to students in the College of Media unless they are pursuing the College’s Multidisciplinary Media Studies (MDMS) major. The majority of courses for the Advertising minor are offered exclusively online and some may require summer enrollment. Note that additional online course fees apply. Students should also consult the WVU Undergraduate Catalog for course descriptions and information.

1) MDIA 101 – Media & Society, 3 hours
Can be taken on campus or online. Examines the relationship between media, culture and society, with emphasis on the history, structure, and organization of the mass media.

2) PR 215 – Introduction to Public Relations, 3 hours
Can be taken on campus or online. Introduces the principles of public relations. Examines the definition and historical development, opportunities and challenges and techniques and management of public relations.

3) PR 436 – Event Planning, 3 hours
Pre-requisites: MDIA 101 and PR 215
Must be taken online. Offers an exploration of the foundations of event planning including an examination of the uses and purposes of large scale events to clients.

4) PR 437 – Event Promotion, 3 hours
Pre-requisites: MDIA 101 and PR 215
Must be taken online. Offers an examination of the issues facing events and the promotional tactics used to ensure they’re successful.

5) PR 438 – Event Execution, 3 hours
Pre-requisites: MDIA 101 and PR 215
Must be taken online. The application of knowledge of how events operate and an examination of what tactics can lead to success.

To earn a minor in Event Planning, a student must earn a minimum overall GPA of 2.0 in all courses required for the minor and have 9 distinct credit hours in the minor not shared with other degree requirements. However, College of Media MDMS students must earn a C- in every course in the minor and all 15 credit hours must be distinct to the minor and not shared with other degree requirements.

To register for these courses or to pursue a a double-minor, triple-minor or the College’s Multidisciplinary Media Studies (MDMS) major, contact Aaron Hawley at 304-293-3133 or

Online courses are taught completely via eCampus. Students need to plan on logging into eCampus daily during the week but can do so at the time of their own choosing. Students should budget the same amount of time for an online course as they do for on campus courses.