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Interactive Media Design

NOTE: The Interactive Media Design minor is no longer available, except for students who are currently enrolled in the minor. Interested students may consider majoring in Interactive Design for Media or contact Aaron Hawley at to discuss your options.

Media arts and media practice across industries are in a state of dramatic transition. As industries adapt to emerging digital practice and multi-platform storytelling, students are being called upon to adopt an ever-increasing level of digital and interactive skills.

Through the Interactive Media Design minor, students in the Reed College of Media and College of Creative Arts School of Art and Design will gain critical skills in interactive design, visual narrative and new technologies, making them highly competitive in the dynamic media industry.

Interactive Media Design Minor Requirements

The Interactive Media Design minor is split between the Reed College of Media and the School of Art and Design. Students may earn a minor in Interactive Media Design by completing the following courses and meeting the requirements as stated below. The Interactive Media Design minor is not available to students in the College of Media unless they are pursuing the College’s Multidisciplinary Media Studies (MDMS) major. Students should consult the WVU Undergraduate Catalog for course descriptions and information.

1) ONE of the following:

  • School of Art and Design students must take
    JRL 210 – Introduction to Visual Journalism and New Media, 3 hours

    An introduction to visual literacy, history, and culture, as well as the basics of visual design and communication.
  • Reed College of Media students must take
    ART 270 – Introduction to Electronic Media, 3 hours

    An introduction to digital media art, covering various approaches to multimedia, conceptual, technical, and stylistic, that characterize contemporary practice.

2) MDIA 225 – Media Tools and Applications, 3 hours
The fundamental principles of multimedia content gathering and editing in preparation for advanced digital storytelling.

3) ART 272 – Design for Multimedia, 3 hours
Introduction to the elements and principles of visual design for digital and multimedia platforms.

4) JRL 322 – Gaming Design and Digital Narrative, 3 hours
Case studies and hands on development in emergent forms of interactive storytelling, database narratives and gamification models.

5) ART 372 – Interactive Design, 3 hours
Explore interactivity as a key component of digital design, emphasizing user experience, information flow and the concept of artwork as an open system.

6) ART/JRL 472 – Advanced Interactive Design, 3 hours
A culminating course that will provide an opportunity to build a dynamic, innovative portfolio that showcases interactive design in a journalism context.

To earn a minor in Interactive Media Design, a student must earn a minimum overall GPA of 2.0 in all courses required for the minor and have 9 distinct credit hours in the minor not shared with other degree requirements. However, College of Media MDMS students must earn a C- in every course in the minor and all 15 credit hours must be distinct to the minor and not shared with other degree requirements.

To register for these courses or to pursue a a double-minor, triple-minor or the College’s Multidisciplinary Media Studies (MDMS) major, contact Aaron Hawley at 304-293-3133 or

Online courses are taught completely via eCampus. Students need to plan on logging into eCampus daily during the week but can do so at the time of their own choosing. Students should budget the same amount of time for an online course as they do for on campus courses.