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Multidisciplinary Media Studies

Are you having a hard time picking just one area to study? Do you want to forge your own path? Maybe your dream job requires skills in social media and political science? More and more, employers are looking for workers who have expertise in multiple areas. Multidisciplinary Media Studies majors have that.

What is it?

As a Multidisciplinary Media student, you build your own major by studying three different subjects you’re passionate about. Choose at least two minors from the College of Media and pair them with any other WVU minor. You get the best of both worlds with hands-on training in communication and media and expertise in your chosen industry —  music, sports, healthcare, politics, fashion, events and more.

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Meeting, Convention and Event Planner

Talent Agent for Artists, Performers or Athletes

Green Marketer

Social Services (government, healthcare) Communicator

What You’ll Learn

The College of Media’s Multidisciplinary Media Studies major allows students with an interest in specific media careers the opportunity to build a customized course of study that aligns with their goals. Through hands-on courses, students in this major will gain professional skills that are relevant to today’s – and tomorrow’s – media industry.

Students complete three minors as part of their curriculum, of which at least two are offered by or shared with the College of Media. The minors may be completed online, and some minor courses are available online only. Depending on the minor, some courses may need to be taken online during summer terms (additional online course fees may apply).

The program allows students to customize their major based on their interests and career goals. For example, a student wanting to pursue a career in political public relations can select minors in Public Relations and Strategic Social Media (both in the College of Media), as well as Political Science (outside the College). Someone interested in a career in interactive media development could choose minors in Interactive Media Design and Advertising (both in the College), as well as Electronic Media (outside the College).

But the choice is yours. There are no set paths or tracks. As a Multidisciplinary Media Studies major, you choose the minors that will best suit you.

WVU MDMS students intern with companies like:

ReedPOP Logo

Almost Heaven Media Logo

Live Nation Logo

Find your Niche

The WVU Reed College of Media hosts a variety of student organizations. These clubs offer students opportunities to engage in University activities and connect with other students and professionals nationwide.

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Savannah Schafer

has a passion for comic conventions. As a Multidisciplinary Media Studies major, she is able to choose classes that help her learn all she needs to know about event planning, advertising and outreach. She’s also had internships at ReedPOP and WV PopCon.