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Rupa Misra

Professor, Art Institute of Philadelphia

Ed.D. (Columbia University)

Dr. Misra has taught in higher education teaching positions for over 20 years in the field of digital media, which includes theoretical and application courses, and practical practices courses both at the Art Institute of Philadelphia and at Drexel University. He is a professor at the Art Institute of Philadelphia and an adjunct associate professor at Drexel University.

Throughout his academic and professional endeavors, he has cultivated a strong background in the application and development of interactive multimedia, web technologies, and health communication and education theories including user-centered design.

His doctoral as well as his post-doctoral work at Columbia University have focused on exploring how user-centered design can contribute to the efficacy of health communication across health literacy levels used across media.

From a broader perspective, he is interested in the communicative aspect of emerging media and how it is used in health, education, communication, etc. – that is both how the media is used in representation as well as how the user assigns meaning based on its interpretation.

Published Work Includes:

  1. Evaluating the design of two government and two non-government HIV/AIDS websites — Rupananda Misra & Barbara C. Wallace, Published in The international Journal of Health, Wellness and Society
  2. Improving the Design of Health Information Websites: A Study of Users’ Expectations — Rupananda Misra & Barbara C. Wallace, Published in Design Principles and Practices
  3. Using Design Principles to Foster Understanding of Complex Health Concepts in Consumer Informatics Tools - Rupananda Misra, Jessica H. Mark, Sharib Khan, Rita Kukafka. Published in the American Medical Information's Annual Symposium Proceedings -
  4. TLC: An Informatics Approach to Enable Patients to Initiate Tailored Life style Conversations with Providers at the Point of Care — Li J, Khan SA. Mark J, Nivarthi PK, Misra R, Chan C, Kaufman D, Kukafka R., Published in the American Medical Information's Annual Symposium Proceedings —
  5. The Role of Experience in E-Learning: A Holistic Design Framework — Elizabeth L. Haslam and Rupananda Misra, Presented at the E-Learn 2011 - World conference on E-Learning in Corporate, Government, Healthcare & Higher Education, Honolulu, Hawaii: October 18-21, 2011. Published in their proceedings —
  6. Book chapter titled " Designing the e-Health Message" — Rupananda Misra & Barbara C. Wallace, published in the book titled " Tele-medicine and E-Health Services, Policies and Applications: Advancements and Developments" by Rodrigues, J., de la Torre Diez, I, de Abajo, B.S. (Eds).2012
  7. Article titled “Role of Affective Interface in E-learning” — Rupananda Misra and Michael La Vaglio, Published in The International Journal of Learning
  8. Book Chapter titled "The Benefits and Challenges of Using Mobile-Based Tools in Self-Management and Care" published in the book titled "Reshaping Medical Practice and Care with Health Information Systems" by Ashish Dwivedi (Publisher IGI Global, Hersey, PA) (2016)