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Ying Wang

Professor of Marketing and Advertising

Ph.D. in Marketing Communication (Kent State University)

Dr. Ying Wang is a professor of marketing and advertising at Williamson College of Business Administration, Youngstown State University, located in Youngstown, Ohio. Dr. Wang earned both her master’s and Ph.D. degrees from Kent State University and her undergraduate degree at Renmin University of China in Beijing, China. Dr. Wang teaches various marketing and advertising courses at YSU including marketing communications, public relations, digital marketing, media planning, global marketing communication, marketing concepts and IMC campaign. Her research interests encompass sustainability, consumer behaviors, mobile advertising, online advertising, luxury brands, public relations and international marketing. She has published in many high-quality academic journals including International Business Review, International Marketing Review, Journal of Retail and Consumer Services, Journal of Industrial Relations, Journal of Consumer Marketing, Journal of Marketing Communication, Journal of Global Marketing, Journal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science, Asian Pacific Journal of Communication, Asian Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, Journal of Intercultural Communication, Journal of Current Research and Issues in Advertising, IT & People, Journal of Digital & Social Media Marketing, International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction, among others.

Before becoming a professor, Dr. Wang worked in the industry for years as an international marketing consultant and has conducted consulting projects for high-profile international brands such as 3Com, IBM, Motorola, Fujifilm, Compaq, HP, and Marriott Hotel. In addition, Dr. Wang also worked as a reporter and editor in Beijing for three years before coming to the U.S. for her graduate studies.

Dr. Wang finds great pleasure and personal growth through providing service to her university, community and profession. She holds memberships in PRSA, American Marketing Association, International Communication Association, and International and Association of Business Communication, among others.

Growing up in China, Dr. Wang received an education throughout childhood and has extensive work experience in both China and the U.S. During this journey, she has grown by embracing a new culture to grow as a person and professional.