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4+1 with M.S. in Integrated Marketing Communications

The WVU College of Media offers an accelerated Master of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications degree where students enter the program during their senior year, taking online graduate-level courses along with their remaining undergraduate coursework. During their fifth year, they become full-time graduate students in the online M.S. in IMC program.

The accelerated B.S. + M.S. in Integrated Marketing Communications program results in two degrees - a Bachelor of Science in Journalism (BSJ) and a Master of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications (M.S. IMC). Both degrees are conferred at the completion of the M.S. IMC. WVU's Integrated Marketing Communications master's degree is completely online.

Who is eligible?

Undergraduate majors in the College of Media with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 are eligible. Interested students should speak with their advisor or contact Alex Jarvis at prior to fall of their junior year.

What courses would I take my senior year?


What course work is left after my senior year?

At this stage, you become a full-time graduate student in WVU's online M.S. in Integrated Marketing Communications. The program consists of 10 courses, two of which you complete during your senior year of your undergraduate education. The remaining courses include:

2 Core Courses:
2 Specialty Courses, choose from:
3 Elective Courses:

WVU's IMC program offers more than 25 electives to choose from so you can completely customize your degree. View the full list at may also decide to add an Area of Emphasis, which adds one elective to your coursework, but can provide expertise in a particular area that will set you apart to employers. Available AOEs include Creative Strategy, Data Marketing Communications, Digital and Social Media, Management, Healthcare Communications, Higher Education Marketing and Public Relations Leadership.

1 Capstone Course:

When will I earn my BSJ?

While you finish all of your undergraduate degree requirements as planned in the spring of your senior year, you will earn the BSJ when you finish the M.S. IMC the following spring. Given the flexible nature of the IMC program, you may decide to spread the coursework out and finish later. Regardless, you earn both degrees at the completion of the master's degree. If you decide not to complete the M.S. IMC, but have completed all of the BSJ requirements, you can apply to be awarded the BSJ in any semester per the Registrar’s guidelines.

For more information, speak to your advisor or contact:

Alex Jarvis
Online Student Success Advisor | 304-293-8683