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Winners from 2014 High School Journalism Competition

Broadcast (Division I)
  • First: Miko Reyes, Greater Latrobe
  • Second: Dillon Berry, Greater Latrobe
  • Third: Andrew Braun, Hurricane 
Broadcast (Division II)
  • First: Zack Southall, Annville-Cleona
  • Second: Ryan Sprouse, Bridgeport
  • Third: Tristan Quenones, Bridgeport 
Critical Review (Division I)
  • First: Emily Daily, Greater Latrobe
  • Second: Veronica Clements, Middletown
  • Third: Kenzie DuMars, Middletown
Critical Review (Division II)
  • First: Morgan Dyer, Annville-Cleona
  • Second: Carol Desper, Braxton County
  • Third: Jeff McCullough, Bridgeport 
Feature Layout and Design
  • First: Tre Trecost, Bridgeport
  • Second: Sam Soliday, Annville-Cleona
  • Third: Andrea Cooper, Bridgeport
Feature Writing (Division I)
  • First: Olivia Gallaway, Middletown
  • Second: Eva Howden, Hurricane
  • Third: Emily Daily, Greater Latrobe
Feature Writing (Division II)
  • First: Maggie Lohmon, Bridgeport
  • Second: Maddie Dietz, Annville-Cleona
  • Third: Elizabeth Six, Braxton County
News Writing (Division I)
  • First: Emily Cross, Middletown
  • Second: Anna Ramsey, Middletown
  • Third: Rebecca Holcomb, Middletown
News Writing (Division II)
  • First: Kirsten Gateless, Braxton County
  • Second: Abby Malloy, Annville-Cleona
  • Third: Montana Carr, Braxton County
Opinion Writing (Division I)
  • First: Sarah Weise, Greater Latrobe
  • Second: Madison Milhous, Middletown
  • Third: Anna Ramsey, Middletown
Opinion Writing (Division II)
  • First: Mackenna Boone, Braxton County
  • Second: Jacob Snavely, Annville-Cleona
  • Third: Shellie Coleman, Braxton County
  • First: Andrea Cooper, Bridgeport
  • Second: Claire Marnic, Bridgeport
  • Third: Hannah Duffield, Braxton County
Public Relations
  • First: Rebecca Turnbull, Bridgeport
  • Second: Alaina Shreves, Bridgeport
  • Third: Alex Mitchell, Rockwood
Sports Writing (Division I)
  • First: Johny Saunders, Greater Latrobe
  • Second: Ben Spector, Middletown
  • Third: Dylan O'Toole, Middletown
Sports Writing (Division II)
  • First: Zack Southall, Annville-Cleona
  • Second: Ryan Sprouse, Bridgeport
  • Third: Geordan Barr, Annville-Cleona