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SOJ students explore China

Seven students from the SOJ are participating in a study abroad trip to China this month. Over the course of their trip, they will be sharing their photos and stories through their blog Steeping Tea: Seven Students’ Journey Through China.

The students will enter China through Shanghai, stopping off briefly to witness China’s

Steeping Tea: Seven Students’ Journey Through China.

mega-modern city, before setting off to Guilin, their launching point for story-gathering in the thousand-year-old terraced rice slopes of Longji and Pingan.

The group will spend several days hiking through ancient villages, observing and interacting with ethnic minority tribes who live on this land., stopping to harvest communal meals alongside our village hosts. From Pingan to Dazhai they will bamboo raft the Li River to Yangshuo. Fly west to Xian, before winding back around to Beijing- every step of the way designed to show the diversity of life, lifestyle, inside this amazingly complex and charged China.

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