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Martin Hall Agency Participates in Nationwide Competition

Martin Hall Agency (MHA) was invited by the United States Justice Department to participate in a nationwide competition that intends to build public trust between youth and law enforcement through peer-to-peer influence.

Edventure Partners (EVP) is an organization that connects clients with a network comprised of academic leaders in order to directly engage with the Millennial Market.EVP specializes in peer-to-peer influence where University students develop and execute
campaigns and social media strategies intended to connect with a given community.

This year’s competition objective is to increase trust, appreciation, and confidence in law enforcement on college campuses. Recent stories of police brutality and mistreatment have dominated media outlets causing much controversy. Rebuilding a broken relationship with the public and law enforcement is a crucial aspect of this competition.

The timeline for this competition involves extensive research, planning, and strategizing about how to properly engage and connect with the target audience. Once a creative brief is created and submitted to EVP, a $2,000 budget is granted for execution of the campaign. After the campaign is completed and analyzed, a report is submitted to EVP and the top teams travel to Washington D.C. to present in front of a panel of judges for a chance to win scholarship awards.
“This is a tremendous opportunity to connect our community and with local law
enforcement. Edventure has proven to be a rewarding experience for MHA,” Evan Green,
President MHA.