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WVU Reed College of Media to host a women’s hackathon on artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has a serious diversity problem. Algorithms that increasingly influence much of our daily lives are created by technologists who aren’t necessarily doing the best job representing gender, racial, or economic diversity.

That’s why the College of Media has teamed up with MediaShift to co-host “Hack the Gender Gap: A Women’s Hackathon on Diversifying AI," which will bring together college-age women from around the country to add their voices to the emerging artificial intelligence market.

The three-day event will kick off at the College’s Media Innovation Center on Thursday, November 9 with a special guest symposium, featuring women at the forefront of tackling AI’s diversity problem. Guest speakers include; Cyber-bullying expert Michelle Ferrier, founder of TrollBusters; human rights attorney and social entrepreneur Flynn Coleman who writes about humanity’s future in AI; and Susan Etlinger, a global expert in AI, data and digital ethics who works with the technology futurist company Altimeter.

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Reed College of Media launches new Sports and Adventure Media major

The Reed College of Media has developed the only known undergraduate major in the country to focus on sports and adventure media.

With its big-time college sports programs and beautiful natural setting, the Mountain State is a mecca for sports and adventure enthusiasts, and also the perfect setting for the new major designed to prepare students for careers in sports journalism and adventure media communications.

Both the College of Media and the College of Physical Activity and Sports Sciences will offer courses in the Sports and Adventure Media major set to launch in Fall 2018.

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Student Wins Best Director Award at Sundance Film Festival

This is a picture of Sam standing behind a camera man, directing a film.

Multidisciplinary studies senior Sam Thompson aspires to be the best writer and director in Hollywood, and with a Sundance Film Festival award under his belt, he’s on the right track. 

In January, Thompson, along with two former WVU students, wrote, directed and filmed the musical, “The SunDANCE,” a coming-of-age story that pits the indie film industry against Hollywood. The five-minute short film earned him the “Creative Mind Best Director Award” at the renowned Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.  

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Journalists discuss how to cover diversity during challenging times

Hot-button issues such as immigration, police shootings, and voter ID laws have helped divide and polarize the nation. Covering such divisive topics has also created challenges for journalists.

To learn how journalists can best cover these issues, the College of Media hosted a panel discussion, “Diversity Matters: Ensuring Multiple Voices Count in the Media Narrative,” on October 3. The panel included print and broadcast journalists from diverse backgrounds who shared their experiences and offered advice about how to report on sensitive issues in an era of growing intolerance and fear.

Panelists included Malena Cunningham Anderson of NBC TV; Neal Justin of the Minneapolis Star Tribune; Sudeep Reddy of POLITICO; and Mizell Stewart III, of USA Today. College of Media assistant professor Alison Bass moderated the discussion.

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