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Faculty Feats

Our faculty are experts in emerging media technologies, mis- and disinformation, community news, public interest communications, community branding, interactive design, broadcast news, media ethics, crisis communication and so much more. Their work is frequently published in top journals and they are invited to speak at international conferences. Here are some of their feats.

April 2021

  • Janoske, M., Madden, S. & Pressgrove, G. N. (2021). Complexity Theory as a New Lens for Digital Social Advocacy. Public Relations Review
  • Associate Professor Geah Pressgrove received the WVU Reed College of Media outstanding research faculty award and Teaching Assistant Professor David Smith received the outstanding teaching faculty award.

March 2021

  • Colistra, R. & Stocksdale, S. (2021). Engaging Beyond the Project: Using Authentic Touchpoints to Enhance Relationship and Build Community. Appalachian Studies Association, 2021 Conference. (Sam Stocksdale earned her BSJ in 2019 and M.S. in Data Marketing Communications in 2020)
  • Fessmann, J. (2021, April). A Brief History of Public Interest Communications. Paper presented at the Southern States Communication Association Convention 2021 “Harboring Hope” [Virtual], Norfolk, VA.
  • Harker, J. L. & Mirer, M. L. (2021). The Future of Sports Media in the Digital Age. Journal of Sports Media, 15(2). Nebraska Press.
  • Harker, J. L. & Mirer, M. L. (2021). Grasping at straws or hitting a homerun: Can sports-only become legacy media’s “Golden Ticket” to digital subscribers. Journal of Sports Media 15(2), 1-30.
  • Dana Coester and Kristen Uppercue, grad student and 100 Days assistant editor, completed certification in IWMF Virtual HEFAT for Investigative Journalists, an intense 8-week training with women reporters from around the world in digital and physical safety for reporting in conflict zones and traumatic situations.
  • Two NewStart fellows in the Media Solutions and Innovation master’s degree program have taken on leadership roles in their media organizations. Maggie McGuire bought the newspaper she has worked for since 2019, the Moab Sun News and Victor Hernandez was named the chief content officer for WBUR in Boston. Jim Iovino, Ogden Newspapers Visiting Assistant Professor of Media Innovation, is the director of NewStart which aims to train the next generation of media owners.

February 2021

  • Teaching Associate Professor Emily Corio won Best of Competition in the faculty short-form audio production category of the Broadcast Education Association (BEA) Festival of Media Arts for a story she reported and produced for NPR that aired on All Things Considered, entitled "Pandemic presents new challenges for West Virginia’s already burdened foster care system."
  • Students in Corio's Spring 2020 podcast class won an Award of Excellence in the the BEA audio podcast category for "Coronavirus closes campus but the podcast continues." Students included Maxwell Shavers, Kayla Starcher, Gillian Wanosky and Duncan Slade. 
  • Kayla Starcher won an Award of Excellence in the BEA audio educational program category for "To Reach Worshipers During the Coronavirus Pandemic WV Churches get Creative," which aired on West Virginia Public Broadcasting and was produced as part of Corio's Spring 2020 podcast class. Starcher also tied for #20 in the Hearst Audio Competition for this podcast episode.
  • Shott Teaching Assistant Professor Chuck Scatterday was invited by the national Student Television Network to present "Producing 101 - You Make the Call" to high school students from across the country.
  • A.T. Rai, G. Deib, D. Smith and S. Boo (2021). Teleproctoring for Neurovascular Procedures: Demonstration of Concept Using Optical See-Through Head-Mounted Display, Interactive Mixed Reality, and Virtual Space Sharing—A Critical Need Highlighted by the COVID-19 Pandemic. American Journal of Neuroradiology.
  • Mirer, M. L. & Harker, J. L. (2021). Will the crowd go wild: Reimagining the newspaper sports section for digital subscribers. Journalism Practice, 15(1), 63-79.
  • Saffer, A. J., Dwyer, D. L., Harker, J. L., Etheridge, C., Turner, M., & Riffe, D. (2021). Interlocking among American newspaper organizations revisited: “Pressure from the top” and its influence on newsroom and content. Mass Communication & Society.
  • Harker, J. L. (2021). A Comparison of Fan Behavior Exchanges in Response to Sports Game Outcomes and Sport Crises. International Association for Communication and Sport [IACS], 2021 Summit
  • Harker, J. L., Pegoraro, A., Pratt, A., & Smith, L. (2021). #GenderGap - Voices of Women Faculty in Sport Communication. International Association for Communication and Sport [IACS], 2021 Summit

January 2021

  • Geah Pressgrove is moderating “COVID-19 Vaccination Communication Efforts in the Mountain State” for the WVU Women’s Leadership Initiative, on which Julia Fraustino is serving as a panelist, to discuss our ongoing efforts to inform clear, consistent, and scientifically sound messaging about the COVID-19 vaccines to ensure that every West Virginian has the knowledge and confidence they need to make a decision about getting vaccinated (2021, March).
  • Julia Fraustino will moderate "PR for positive social change: Public interest communication (PIC) research, teaching, and practice" with Jasper Fessmann as a panelist for the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication Public Relations Division Virtual Conference (2021, March).
  • Fraustino, J. D. (2021, August). Why Should Public Relations Care About Ethics of Care? (Panelist for accepted peer-reviewed research panel). Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) Public Relations Division and Media Ethics Division.
  • The Public Interest Communications Research Lab received a grant to conduct research to inform campaign messaging and strategy to increase HPV vaccination uptake among rural West Virginians. The grant is funded by the American Academy of Pediatrics (WV Chapter) and administered through the West Virginia Center for Rural Health Development, the lead agency of the WV Immunization Network. Julia Fraustino is the principle investigator on this grant, and Geah Pressgrove and Daniel Totzkay (Comm Studies) are Co-Investigators.
  • Totzkay, D., Fraustino, J. D., & Pressgrove, G. (2021, April). Formative research to inform statewide COVID-19 vaccine messaging in West Virginia. Research accepted for presentation at the annual conference of the DC Health Communication Conference. Washington, D.C. [conference offered virtually due to COVID-19]
  • Fraustino, J. D., Totzkay, D., & Pressgrove, G. (2021, March). COVID-19 pandemic response in Appalachia: Insights from data-driven communication in West Virginia. Research accepted for presentation at the annual conference of the International Crisis and Risk Communication Conference. Orlando, FL. [conference offered virtually due to COVID-19]