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SOJ graduate student explores Europe's great outdoors

Blogging from Abroad: Germany & AustriaSOJ Graduate Student Corey Preece is currently participating in the Draußen in der Natur! program. The summer study-abroad course offered by the WVU Division of Forestry and Natural Resources will expose students to natural resource and protected land management on an international level. Students will travel to Washington D.C., Germany, and Austria, learn directly from professionals in outdoor seminars and actively participate in research projects. From studying in Hannover’s famed Baroque Gardens and exploring the fabled mountains of the Harz National Park, to researching wildlife along the Danube River and walking the halls of medieval castles, students will have the chance to compare and contrast some of the most respected resource management techniques in the world. In both urban parks and rural forests, students will be exposed to a myriad of current management topics like recreation planning, invasive species management and visitor monitoring.

In addition to venturing through Europe’s great outdoors, the students are sharing their experiences, pictures and videos on this blog. Preece is producing content and maintaining the blog for the class. For more information about the course visit the class website at