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National Parks Traveler website seeking interns

Whether a student is interested in the field of outdoor recreation, park management, writing/journalism, or a combination, an internship with National Parks Traveler ( can be a valuable, multifaceted learning experience.

National Parks Traveler is the nationʼs No. 1 website dedicated to coverage of national parks, with more than 1.3 million annual visitors. Traveler has been featured in USA Today, Peter Greenberg Worldwide Radio, Los Angeles Times, San Jose Mercury News, The Charlotte Observer, and many more.

National Parks Traveler is seeking students to work on a weekly basis with their editors to:

  • Monitor and select National Park Service news releases as story ideas
  • Write focused, generally brief articles, about those news events (and, when necessary, conduct additional research on the Web and with telephone/e-mail interviews to develop a more in-depth article)
  • Develop longer features revolving about parks based on their own experiences and research
  • Produce audio and video podcasts
  • Work closely with editors to refine their news and feature writing and research techniques

Interns will be exposed to a wide range of policy, recreation, wildlife, and travel issues that reach across the National Park System, the National Park Service, and similar agencies the world over. They will have online editing privileges to produce and edit stories, a key step in understanding and mastering the world of online publishing.

Through their work, interns will quickly establish an impressive resume of published articles on a Web site known as an authority on the National Park System.

Kurt Repanshek, National Parks Traveler’s founder and editor-in-chief, has decades of editing and writing experience gleaned from his Associated Press career, as an on-site editor for the 2002 Salt Lake Olympic Committee, and from his guidebooks and numerous magazine articles in publications as diverse as Smithsonian, Sports Illustrated, National Geographic Traveler, and Forbes.

Interested students should contact Kurt Repanshek at