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Alumna helps rebrand iconic coffee company

Alyssa Pluchino

“The best part of waking up …”

Whether you’re a coffee drinker or not, you can probably finish the lyrics to this iconic Folgers jingle. While this tune has been linked to the brand for more than 30 years, the company recently went through an identity shift, and College of Media graduate Alyssa Pluchino (BSJ, 2014) worked on the rebranding campaign.

“It’s super rewarding to work on a brand like Folgers,” Pluchino said. “It’s cool to be immersed in a brand and understand its history and reasoning behind campaign decisions.”

Pluchino, a senior account supervisor for MSL, an award-winning global public relations firm in New York City, manages influencer marketing programs for clients within the agency’s consumer marketing department. She was part of the team that pulled together earned media elements – securing online and broadcast media coverage – for Folgers’ new campaign. She also identified and collaborated with influencers to create social content for it.

Although it can be a glamorous job at times, such as meeting celebrities or influencers and attending exclusive events, it’s definitely hard work, Pluchino said. “You can expect to work long hours…. I certainly don’t get bored and no two days are the same.”

A native of New Jersey, Pluchino moved to New York and started her career in agencies right after graduation, when she landed a job as a social media manager at DKC, one of the top 10 independent public relations agencies in the U.S. Throughout her career, Pluchino has worked with notable consumer brands like Ford, Kay Jewelers and Colgate.

While Pluchino knew she wanted to write in some capacity when she entered the College of Media, she didn’t know what path to take until she enrolled in PR 101 and learned about the public relations response to the 1982 Chicago Tylenol murders.

“I was immediately intrigued,” Pluchino said. “Ironically, I later ended up working for the legendary Harold Burson, who spearheaded Tylenol’s crisis communications approach.”

During her time at the College of Media, Pluchino worked as an opinion columnist for The Daily Athenaeum and was a member of PRSSA. She credits the College with preparing her to enter the world of public relations immediately upon graduation.

“My capstone was a social media campaign, and the agency I applied to right out of college happened to be hiring for their social media department. My project is what ultimately landed me my first job,” Pluchino said. “After graduating, I felt prepared and set up for success when it came to my job search. Dr. [Geah] Pressgrove gave me the tough skin I needed before entering the world of PR, my resume was polished and I had a compelling portfolio.”

Folgers’ “Allow us to Reintroduce Ourselves” campaign ads launched in January. (You may follow the brand at #DamnRightItsFolgers.) As Pluchino continues to grow her national-level campaign experience, she also finds time to give back by sharing her experience with College of Media students. Her best advice is to network.

“The more time you spend on LinkedIn, the more likely you are to be sought out by recruiters,” Pluchino said. “Also, don't expect your dream job to come right away (although it's not impossible), but you will likely need to be willing to accept a less than desirable wage at an entry level position. However, these positions are so necessary for you to eventually land your dream gig.”