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Student Q&A: Griffin Weand

Griffin Weand

Griffin Weand is a Sports and Adventure Media major from Boyertown, Pennsylvania. 

Favorite Media College memory? Working with Dr. Oppe’s non-profit - Get Moving.

What are your career aspirations? My end goal is to work with another college/ professional team/ music artist and create digital/creative media. All the while, I still want to freelance and work live production events.

Advice for new College of Media students? Take every opportunity presented to you. If you have the opportunity to work with someone in the field you want to end up working in, learn what they are doing, find out their story. You will never be able to get to the top position without working for it!

Favorite class/experience? My favorite experience has been working with ESPN+ and the whole crew at WVU Athletics Video. The team I have worked with has taught me so much and I believe they will continue to help me reach my goals.

What is your major takeaway from your time so far at the College? College can have a lot of downtime and sometimes can get boring, but if you put in the extra effort/work and get involved you will never have second thoughts on why you came here. 

What clubs/activities are you involved in? I am an avid snowboarder, golfer, adventure seeker and Mountaineer Maniac. I enjoy being active. I work with WVU Sports as a digital creative intern. I also work with WVU Athletics Video, doing the ESPN+ shows and video board shows for WVU sports. The best part about all of these is that everything is an opportunity to take part here at West Virginia University!