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Journalism and Media in Havana ,Cuba

Mission or Goals:

Explore the journalistic and media landscape within the Cuban culture by visiting the city of Havana and meeting with Cuban journalists, including print and online journalists. Realizing the social and economic landscape will also prove to be imperative to understand community organizations and projects of Havana. Students will interpret and compare the various differences between American media protocol, guidelines and ethical values to that of the Cuban journalistic and media profession.

Minimum enrollment: 10 participants

Number of West Virginia University faculty/staff leaders: 2 (3)

Arrival date at Jose Marti International Airport: Friday, March 9, 2018 or Saturday, March 10, 2018

Departure from Jose Marti International Airport:

Thursday, March 15, 2018 or Friday, March 16, 2018

ISA Learning Discovery Model

Facilitate the learning and development of participants. Student learning and development is organized into five areas of discovery: Intercultural, Historical, Sociopolitical, Professional and Environmental. Cultural activities and excursions regularly provided are organized into these five areas of discovery so that participants can pursue guided learning. As these cultural activities and excursions are built into this program, the learning objectives can be used to enhance the academics of the program.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Intercultural
    Increase participant intercultural competence in a cross-cultural setting
  2. Historical
    Encouragement participants to have an appreciation of their host country's history,architecture, and "Culture." Historical discovery involves education in the rich history of art, architecture, language, music, theatre and dance, and the development within, and influence on, the local and global community.
  3. Sociopolitical
    Participants should be well-informed about the sociopolitical reality of their program location. Educate participants so they can intelligently discuss important contemporary events. Participants should be able to articulate how current events impact host country nationals' views of domestic and U.S. government policies, along with identifying the main domestic media channels and how they align politically and ideologically.
  4. Professional
    Empower participants to use their time abroad as a means to explore their professional and career goals. Participants receive the Professional Development Toolbox as a resource prior to departure, during their time abroad and after returning from their program. Enabling students to intelligently leverage their study, internship or service-learning abroad experience when pursuing post-graduate careers or continuing education.
  5. Environmental
    Provide opportunities for participants to visit some of their host country's incredible environmental wonders, as this gives participants an appreciation of, and connection with, the natural ecology of the regions in which they are living. Developing an understanding of their local environment, participants feel more comfortable, safe and healthy during their program.

Proposed Program

The following itinerary is tentative and for planning purposes only. However, due to Cuban government restrictions and local cultural norms, it is very common to have last minute itinerary changes. For this reason, many details may not be confirmed until on-site. Additionally, the time and order of the activities will likely change (perhaps more than once) while on-site.

Saturday, March 10
Sunday, March 11
Monday, March 12
Tuesday, March 13
Wednesday, March 14
Thursday, March 15


Pre-departure meetings/discussion
5 points x 3 meetings = 15 points
5 points x5 days = 25 points

Daily Reflective Journal
10 points x 5 days = 50 points

Final Comparative Analysis
30 points x 2 comparisons = 60 points


Final Comparative Analysis
Total Points

Participant Housing & Meals

Participant housing with families in Havana (shared rooms), including one meal per day, welcome group meal and farewell group meal.


El Paquete distributor 
Fabrica del Arte Cubano 
Playas del este 
Callejon De Hamel 

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