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GDUFS Exchange

In what language are courses taught?
Courses are taught in English. 

How many students are enrolled at GDUFS? How many are international students?
The University serves 20,454 full-time undergraduate students, more than 2,000 graduate students and over 13,000 international and continuing-education students.

Where do students live? What are the accommodations like?
Exchange students will live at the Academic Exchange Center with a double room and basic room equipment.

What is the community like? Are there any local highlights?
The university is located in the HEMC (Higher Education Mega Center) together with other nine universities. There is a famous and crowded food street (Beigang) and a mall (GOGO) nearby. Students will often go to these places for fun. It is also not far from downtown. Both buses and subways can take you everywhere.

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