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Internship Program

Students in the WVU Reed College of Media are training to be professional multimedia, multi-channel communicators, researchers, creators and strategists. If you have a key audience you’re trying to inform, educate or persuade, a WVU Reed College of Media student intern can bring specialized skills and knowledge to your organization while gaining the real-world experience they’ll need to succeed in their careers.


  • Advertising and Public Relations – Students are honing their skills in writing, research, design, event planning, marketing and more to produce creative, persuasive campaigns and materials for real clients. They’re learning to build, plan and execute communications campaigns that help companies thrive and create positive change in society.
  • Integrated Marketing Communications – Students undergo a curriculum that combines courses in marketing and business administration with advertising and public relations. This program is fully online.
  • Game Design and Interactive Media – There is a growing demand for interactive audiovisual media experiences. Students in this program are exposed to the latest innovations in digital media to create visually stunning and timely interactive experiences.
  • Journalism – Journalism today is about connecting people with their communities and the world. Journalism students learn how to ask tough questions and deliver meaningful answers 24/7 to the people who want and need to know.
  • Multidisciplinary Media Studies – Students can customize their major course of study by choosing from a variety of communications and media-focused minors. For example, a student wanting to pursue a career in political public relations can select minors in Public Relations, Strategic Social Media and Political Science. Someone interested in a career in interactive media development could choose minors in Interactive Media Design, Advertising and Electronic Media.
  • Sports and Adventure Media – From snowboarding to football, America’s appetite for traditional and “extreme” sports is insatiable. Fans want information fast and on-the-go, and employers are looking for professional communicators with specialized skills to handle the demand.


  • Internships can be completed during WVU’s Fall, Spring or Summer semesters.
  • Internships can be paid, for college credit or both. The College of Media, however, does not require students to complete an internship for academic credit. These credits are electives.
  • Internships are typically run between 10 and 16 weeks.
  • Internships can be for 1 credit hour (a minimum of 50 hours worked by the student), 2 credit hours (a minimum of 100 hours) or 3 credit hours (a minimum of 150 hours).
  • A WVU Reed College of Media staff or faculty member will oversee the student’s internship. A site supervisor will be asked to verify the student’s hours worked each week.
  • Internships can be done remotely, in-person or a combination of both.


Eric Minor is the WVU Reed College of Media’s full-time internships coordinator. Typically, Eric will ask the employer/internship “host” to write up a brief job description which he will then share via a closed email list (weekly) with the College’s undergraduate and graduate students. Eric will then gather resumes and work samples from interested students and forward them to your company. If you’d like to conduct in-person or remote informational interviews with multiple students, Eric can also help your company coordinate your visit (or virtual “video visit”) with our students.

If you have questions, please contact Eric at or 304-293-6117.