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WVU has announced plans for on-campus classes this fall, with base tuition and fees unchanged. Visit the Return to Campus website for the latest.

Undergraduate Programs

Our Majors

Advertising and Public Relations

Communicating in today’s world has never been more challenging. Advertising and public relations professionals have to break through the digital clutter and “noise” to make their message rise to the top.

Integrated Marketing Communications (online)

Earn your bachelor's degree online from a renowned and accredited program that combines the complementary business and communications fields of advertising, marketing and public relations to give you the skills to succeed in an exciting and expanding field.

Interactive Design for Media

The media landscape is rapidly changing and there is a growing demand for interactive audiovisual media experiences. Students in this program are exposed to the latest innovations in digital media to create visually stunning and timely interactive experiences.


Majoring in Journalism isn’t what it used to be. It’s about connecting people with the world 24/7 and engaging with audiences on the go. It’s about asking tough questions and delivering answers to the people who need to know.

Multidisciplinary Studies

Flexibility and options are at the root of our Multidisciplinary Studies (MDS) major. Students can customize their major course of study or supplement their studies with one or more of our minors.

Sports and Adventure Media

From snowboarding to football, America’s appetite for sports is insatiable. Fans want information fast and on-the-go, and employers are looking for professional communicators with specialized skills to handle the demand. 

The College of Media’s undergraduate programs are fully accredited by the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications. West Virginia University is fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Whitney Godwin
Recruitment Specialist

Our Minors

Students outside the College of Media may complete any of our minors as a complement to their major. WVU students majoring in fashion, dress and merchandising, marketing, business administration, communication studies, graphic design, nursing and sport management regularly enroll in College of Media minors along with students from many other majors across campus.

Most College of Media minors can be completed in one calendar year by starting in the fall and finishing in the summer.

All minors except for Interactive Media Design and Journalism can be completed entirely online. Even in the online minors, students still have the option of taking some of the courses on campus.

1 Interactive Media Design is shared with the College of Creative Arts
2 Sport Communication is shared with the College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences

Aaron Hawley  
Program Coordinator for MDS