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The internship requirement in the Sports and Adventure Media major provides students with experiential learning opportunities. This type of learning enhances students’ overall knowledge and skills gained from the Sports and Adventure Media Major program of study. In addition, an internship also provides students with real-world experience that will give them an advantage in the job market upon graduation. Internships also allow students to connect with professionals who are often willing to help students develop and grow a professional network.

Internship supervisors play a critical role in helping students fulfill their career and educational goals by providing students with a productive, positive and relevant internship experience. In turn, students must, at minimum, meet supervisor’s reasonable expectations and leave a lasting, positive impression as a student who is respectful, motivated, innovative, inclusive and responsible in his or her internship position. The main goals of the internship are for the student to come away with media experience in sports and/or adventure sports or travel, to contribute meaningful work to an organization, and to create content that will be shared in his or her portfolio.

Internship Requirements

Students in the Sports and Adventure Media major must complete with a “C-” grade or better two credit hours of an approved internship(s) (MDIA 441). Internships must be approved by the Sports and Adventure Media Program Coordinator, Emily Corio (, or designated faculty in the Sports and Adventure Media Program prior to the student registering for MDIA 441.

In order to receive one credit hour, a student must work 35 hours over the course term. In order to receive two credit hours, a student must work 70 hours over the course term. In order to receive three credit hours, a student must work 105 hours over the course term. Students may take MDIA 441 in the fall or spring semesters or summer terms. The course must align with the timing of the internship.

Students must contact an organization to apply for or request an internship. If this outreach is successful, the student will work with the internship supervisor to complete the Internship Contract form. The Internship Contract will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Internship duties & outcomes align with goals (see p.2) & learning outcomes (see p.4)
  • Student qualifies in terms of major, preparation from coursework and previous internship experiences and outcomes
  • Indication of support from internship supervisor

Internship Learning Outcomes

  1. Integrate information from prior learning with out-of-classroom learning.
  2. Develop work competencies in the sports, sports media, adventure sports, adventure sports media or outdoor recreation industries.
  3. Articulate career and major choices based on assessment of interests, values, skills and abilities.
  4. Demonstrate critical self-reflection of the internship experience to help guide personal decision-making.
  5. Build a portfolio of professional-quality work product, which will help the student in pursuing her/his career goals in sports/adventure media.

Internship Process and Timeline

  1. Students may explore internship opportunities on his or her own; however,  any internship taken for credit under MDIA 441 must be pre-approved by the Sports and Adventure Media Program Coordinator or designated faculty. Students are encouraged to brief the program coordinator or faculty on his or her plans to apply for or request an internship to ensure that it would qualify for MDIA 441. If a student would like help finding an internship, he or she may schedule a meeting with the Sports and Adventure Media Program Coordinator, Emily Corio (, or designated faculty. The student should then type a cover letter and resume to send to the organization. Samples are provided in this guidebook.
  2. When a student is accepted into an internship position or receives support from an organization regarding an internship position, the student must complete the Internship Contract Form. This form requires the signatures of both the student and the internship supervisor. The student then submits this form to the Sports and Adventure Media Program Coordinator or designated faculty in-person or via email for approval.
  3. If the Internship Contract is approved, the student may then register for MDIA 441. Note: MDIA 441 is variable credit hours, so when a student registers, he or she must adjust the credit hours appropriately.
  4. Once the semester and the internship begin, the student must follow the course requirements listed in the MDIA 441 syllabus.
  5. Three weeks before the completion of the internship, the student must supply the internship supervisor with the Internship Supervisor Evaluation Form (provided in this guidebook). The supervisor must complete this form and email it to the Sports and Adventure Media Program Coordinator or designated faculty before the last day of classes during the term in which the internship is being completed.

Internship Application Samples and Forms