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Calling all Creators the arts and media college experience

Embark on a captivating journey into the vibrant world of the College of Creative Arts and Media. Join us for an interactive event designed to celebrate and explore boundless creativity.

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Reed School of Media and Communications

On set of WVU news

On Air in 3, 2, 1

In this hands-on, interactive session, you'll receive one-on-one coaching to deliver a news or sports television broadcast. You'll learn about scripting and vocal delivery and get practice using a teleprompter to deliver and record a real broadcast! 
Voice Delivery for Audio

Voice Delivery for Audio

Learn the basics of writing and voice delivery for audio storytelling. Participants will have a chance to practice voice delivery in the Media Innovation Center's Podcasting Studio. And they'll see what mixing audio looks and sounds like! 
Crafting Viral Brand Partnerships from Idea to Impact

Crafting Viral Brand Partnerships from Idea to Impact

Have you ever imagined yourself as the creative genius behind your favorite brand's success? From sports to entertainment and tourism to corporations, public relations (PR) is the driving force behind every industry. Join us for an engaging workshop where we'll dive into the world of PR and explore how it can turn your ideas into viral brand partnerships. Get ready to unleash your creativity and learn the strategies that make people fall in love with brands.
 Student in Pugh Lab

What is Your Brand? 

Description: Your personal brand is more than just a message or image—it's how the world sees you. Join us to discover exciting tools and strategies to shape a clear, consistent, and authentic brand that truly represents you. Let's craft a brand that speaks volumes and sets you up for success!

School of Art and Design

Blacksmithing class

Blacksmithing for Beginners

This session will cover basic blacksmithing principles via hands-on demonstrations. In coordination with these hot metal demos, we will discuss how blacksmithing processes are used to create sculptures, functional objects, public art, and so much more.
Pretty Groovy fashion

Pretty Groovy: 1960s Art and Fashion 

Come explore the decade when Warhol reigned and paper dresses were all the rage. Learn about art history, museum studies, and historic fashion in this interactive session.
fashion brainstorming

Explore your Fashion Style and Creativity through Collaging

Fashion collaging is a dynamic tool used in fashion for brainstorming, mood boarding, and communicating ideas using photos as the main ingredient. It is a fun and engaging process experimenting with color and textures to create a visually unique composition. Your final artwork will showcase your fashion style and express your creativity.
Marker dyeing class

Creative Marker Dyeing Technique: Transform a tote bag with this colorful process.

Personalize and decorate a tote bag with this colorful marker dyeing technique. It is a quick way to add a personal touch to your clothing and accessories. At home, you can continue to experiment and have fun with this technique. Upcycling your clothing and accessories with colorful markers is a great way to express your creativity and breathe new life into old items.
Art therapy

The Art of Helping: Art Therapy Careers

Are you interested in using your artistic and interpersonal skills to help others heal through art? A career in art therapy might be a great fit for you! Come learn about career pathways in art therapy, and what it takes to become one, and explore therapeutic art concepts in this informational workshop.
Letraset Design and Button-Making Workshop

Letraset Design and Button-Making Workshop

Participants can commemorate their visit by designing and making personalized buttons to adorn their jackets, backpacks, or whatever! Experience the space, meet the faculty, and learn about the program while making something cool.
Screen printing and Relief Printmaking

Screen Printing and Relief Printmaking

Participate in a quick introduction to the basics of screen printing and relief printmaking. Students will get the opportunity to print ready-made screens and relief blocks.
Animation in Games and Film

Calling All Playtesters!

Join current Game Design students and faculty as they demo game and interactive media projects. Have fun playing games and give feedback while discovering what this major is all about.
An Overview of the Filmmaking Process

An Overview of the Filmmaking Process:

Interested in making a film? In this workshop, you'll learn the steps needed to create an independent film from start to finish, including idea creation, script writing, recording, directing, editing and more. This workshop is offered in conjunction with the West Virginia Mountaineer Short Film Festival and will be presented by Seth Nardo, a recent graduate of the Digital Art and Animation area who is currently working on his second film.

School of Theatre and Dance

 Designing Fantasy Characters and Making them 3D!

Designing Fantasy Characters and Making them 3D!

Most fantasy films and video games include unique creature designs that start as 2D designs that are then translated into 3d with hands-on sculpting techniques in clay. This quick session provides an overview of conceptualizing and how to approach translation into a 3-D form.
Backstage of Cinderella

Backstage of Cinderella

A tour and design conversation of WVU's School of Theatre & Dance production of Cinderella.  Look at the set, how it was designed & built, and a demonstration of a performer flying.
Bloody Good -- Fake Blood for the Stage

Bloody Good -- Fake Blood for the Stage

In this workshop, you will learn a brief history of the use of stage blood in Film & Television, musicals, and plays. We will cover common practices and how blood special effects are attained and devised onstage and off camera. There will be demonstrations of blood effects and hands-on activities to create your fake blood. 

  • WARNING: This course discusses and contains imagery of bodily fluids, which may make some individuals feel uncomfortable.

Making the Most Out of That Monologue

Making the Most Out of That Monologue

Participants should bring in a monologue from a play, musical, or even a short 1-2 minute story.  Then, up and on your feet, learn what techniques, tips, and tricks can be done to maximize how you perform a monologue in a play or use that piece for auditioning.
The Spring Recital Sneak Peek

The Spring Recital Sneak Peek

Prospective students are invited to attend a dance performance featuring dance majors, minors, and Student Dance Association (SDA) members. This performance will preview the upcoming spring recital. After the performance, students will have an opportunity to ask questions about the program, the performance itself, and the faculty involved and to receive further details about audition dates.

School of Music

Making a Difference with Music_ Hands On!

Making a Difference with Music: Hands On!

Explore the music therapy career through an engaging, informative, and interactive session. Participants will have a chance to be creative and let loose, play various fun instruments, and explore the connection between humans and music, all while learning about music therapy. 

Bluegrass Group

Traditional Music Jam: Old Time and Bluegrass

Interested in the traditional music of West Virginia?  Bring your fiddle, guitar, banjo, cello, bass, or other stringed instrument, and let's jam and learn about the WVU old-time and bluegrass bands!  

Wind Symphony Experience

Wind Symphony Experience

Experience the award-winning WVU Wind Symphony in a dress rehearsal for their end-of-the-school-year concert.

Drop The Beat - Song Creation in the 21st Century

Drop The Beat - Song Creation in the 21st Century

This interactive workshop will introduce students to the process and creation of music in the digital world. The workshop will provide a menu of ideas for students to create a song with a vocal. The outcome will be a song version they can take home.
Mountaineers Sing

Mountaineers Sing

Are you interested in singing at WVU? Join a fun and interactive session where you can join with WVU choir members in some singing and find out more about ensemble opportunities at WVU.