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The Reed College of Media and College of Creative Arts will merge to form the new WVU College of Creative Arts and Media as of July 1, 2024. Get details.

Virtual Donor Wall

Irvin Stewart Society

The WVU Irvin Stewart Society honors donors whose planned gifts will provide for the future of the University. Membership in the Society is given to those who include a gift provision in a will or revocable trust, create a life-income gift, designate an after-death gift of a retirement account, make checking, savings or stock accounts “payable upon death,” donate life insurance, or make a gift of real estate with a retained life interest benefiting WVU and its entities.

Jayne E. Armstrong

Paul A. Atkins

Jack Baylor

Katharine Ann Stephen Campbell

William Robert Campbell III

John Canfield

H. Smoot Fahlgren

Edward G. Galligan

Ann H. Garcelon

Julia A. Halstead

Norman S. Julian

Philip J. Maramba

Jane M. McNeer

James Pahl

James Pennington

Maryanne Reed

Gruine Robinson

James J. Roop

Louise Crumrine Seals

Debrah Shaver

Robert Shaver

Martha G. Smith

William K. Stevens

Susan Tewalt

Leighton and Nancy Watson


The WVU Reed College of Media awards nearly 50 scholarships to our students. Through the generosity of our donors, more than $160,000 is awarded in various scholarship amounts to approximately 100 students each academic year.

Frank and Rebekah Ahrens

School of Journalism Scholarship

Paul A. Atkins Scholarship

Dr. Elizabeth A. Atwater
School of Journalism Scholarship

Colonel Thomas J. Boyd
School of Journalism Scholarship

Brown Communications LLC
School of Journalism Scholarship

Cary Journalism Scholarship

W.E. Chilton III Journalism Scholarship

Catharine Patton Clark Presidential Scholarship

Cummings Scholarship

Paul S. and Theo S. Deem Scholarship

George Gianodis Journalism Scholarship

James and Barbara Gilkerson Journalism Scholarship

Raymond and Susan Gillette
School of Journalism Minority Scholarship

Leonard S. Gross Scholarship

Mark S. and Frances S. Grove Endowed Scholarship

David Matthew Hassen Book Journalism Scholarship

Michael and Janette Heitz Scholarship

Nancy Henrichs Hodel Memorial Scholarship

Ralph and Janet Izard School of Journalism Scholarship

Frank M. Kearns Memorial Fund

Robert and Luanne Kittle School of Journalism Scholarship

Linda Jeanne Leckie Schulte Scholarship

Gilbert and Margaret Love Journalism Scholarship

Don S. Marsh Scholarship

John H.S. Martin & Helen H. Martin Journalism Scholarship

Hilda G. and James E. McNeer Journalism Scholarship

Irene Caplan Moksay Scholarship

Ogden Newspapers and Nutting Family Journalism Scholarship

Orson and Spokes Foundation Journalism Endowment

Thomas Picarsic Scholarship in Journalism

Perley Isaac Reed Scholarship

William and Jean Reed Journalism Scholarship

Meredith Robb Memorial Scholarship

Gruine Robinson Reed College of Media Scholarship

Madelyn Jeanne Rupinsky School of Journalism Scholarship

Ryan-McGinn School of Journalism Reading Room

Edith Watson Sasser Scholarship

Martha E. Shott Endowed Scholarship

Timothy J. Tewalt Journalism Scholarship

Peggy Preston Tierney Scholarship

William F. Tolbert Journalism Scholarship

Roberta Clark Umstott Journalism Endowment

Vargo-Otto Student Scholarship

Douglas and Ruth Ann Widmeyer Endowed Journalism Scholarship

Scott D. Widmeyer African American Scholarship

Scott D. Widmeyer First Generation Scholarship

Linda E. Yost Scholarship

Enhancement Funds

Enhancement funds make it possible for Reed College of Media students to get the real-world experience that enhances both their character and their resumes.

George Esper International Study Enhancement in Journalism

Charles Hodel Endowment for the School of Journalism

Jim and Betsy Klebe Dziedzic Career Development Fund

Perley Issac Reed School of Journalism Enhancement Fund

John and Cindy Walls Career Development

Martin Hall Society

Lifetime Giving of $250,000+

The Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation

Ford Foundation

Thomas L. Harrison, LHD Management Inc.

The Hugh I. Shott, Jr. Foundation

The Nutting Foundation

Alexis and Jim Pugh

Scott Widmeyer and Widmeyer Communications

Friends of Martin Hall

Lifetime Giving of $100,000 - $249,999

Jim and Marsha Blair

Cary Foundation, Inc.

Rose Chrisley

Catharine P. Clark

The Dominion Post

H. Smoot and Judith A. Fahlgren

James and Barbara Gilkerson

John S. and James L. Knight Foundation

Mylan Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Ogden Newspapers, Inc.

Gruine Robinson

James J. Roop

Louise Crumrine Seals

John C. and Bonnie Shott

Tim and Susan Tewalt

Douglas and Ruth Ann Widmeyer)

P.I. Reed Circle of Friends

Lifetime Giving of $25,000 - $99,999

Frank and Rebekah Ahrens

Paul A. and Mildred Atkins

Colonel Thomas J. Boyd

Brown Communications

A. Bray Cary, Jr.

Charleston Newspapers, Inc.

Elizabeth and Susan Chilton

Clinical and Pharm Research, Inc.


CTIA - The Wireless Association

Elizabeth K. and Jim Dziedzic

Samme L. Gee

George Gianodis

Ray and Susan Gillette

Michael and Janette Heitz

Ralph and Janet Izard

Norman S. Julian

Robert and Luanne Kittle

Susan Elaine Lambert

Gilbert and Margaret Love

Jennifer (Rupinsky) Manton

McCormick Foundation

Jane M. McNeer

Online News Association

Orson and Spokes Foundation

Paula I. Otto

Charles Ryan

Stanley J. Reed and Joyce Branda

Ryan-McGinn Inc.

Martha E. Shott

Joseph P. and Joann Steranka

Mary R. Tolbert and William Tolbert

John M. and Cindy Walls

Verizon West Virginia, Inc.

P.I. Reed Society

Lifetime Giving of $10,000 - $24,999

The Arnold Agency

William E. Bambrick

Bell & Bands PLLC Attorneys at Law

Bonnie J. Bolden

Harry J. Bryan

Gloria Reed Byrum

James A. Byrum, Jr.

Dr. Tom and Jean Clark Family

Charles Ryan Associates

Charleston Gazette

Clara DeFrank

David Knox Cummings

John W. League and April L. Dowler

Edward G. Galligan

Frances S. Grove

Family and Friends of Matt Hassen

Emile J. Hodel

George W. Hodel

John C. Hodel

J. Ford Huffman

James R. Hunkler

Interstate Advertising Managers' Association

Johnna G. Barto, John Wiley & Sons

Joseph H. Kanter Family Foundation


Christine and Gregory Martin

Family of John H.S. Martin and Helen H. Martin

Elmer Moksay

Reader's Digest Foundation

Emery L. Sasser

J. Kinney Schulte

Louise Crumrine Seals

Hugh Ike Shott, Jr.

Elizabeth H. W. Smith

Guy and Pat Stewart

Roberta Clark Umstott

United Way of the Midlands

Verizon Foundation

Verizon Wireless

Wheeling Hospital, Inc.

William Randolph Hearst Foundation

Williamson Daily News

West Virginia Press Association Foundation

WVU School of Journalism Alumni Association

Pamela D. and R. Karl Yagle

Linda E. Yost

Loyalty Club

The Reed College of Media proudly recognizes donors who have given $1,000 or more to the College’s annual fund.

Dr. Manu Aggarwal and Dr. Samir Patel

Frank and Rebekah Ahrens

Paul A. Atkins

The Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation

Col. Thomas J. Boyd

Brown Communications

Edward O. Buckbee

Barbara S. Casey

Rose Chrisley

Jerry and Judy Davis

Elizabeth K. and Jim Dziedzic

Samme L. Gee

James and Barbara Gilkerson

Louise M. Gross

Beedeah Hassen and Noel Hassen

James R. Hunkler

Stephen N. Hunsicker

Ralph S. Izard and Janet Izard

Paul and Suzanne Johnson

Robert and Luanne Kittle

John S. and James L. Knight Foundation

John League and April Dowler

Pamela and Jon Larrick

David and Rose Lied

Jennifer (Rupinsky) Manton

Diana Martinelli


Jane M. McNeer

Gilbert J. Meyer, Jr.

Chad and Cathy Mezera

Robert and Katherine Miller

Diana M. Murphy

Jason W. Neal

Nikon Inc.

The Nutting Foundation

Online News Association

Paula I. Otto

Alexis and Jim Pugh

Public Relations Society of America

David Raese

Maryanne Reed

Stanley J. Reed and Joyce Branda

Gruine Robinson

Archie A. Sader

Louise C. Seals

Joseph P. and Joann Steranka

M. Anne Swanson

John M. and Cindy Walls