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The Reed College of Media and College of Creative Arts will merge to form the new WVU College of Creative Arts and Media as of July 1, 2024. Get details.

College of Media Minors

Students outside the College of Media may complete any of our minors as a complement to their major. Most College of Media minors can be completed in one calendar year by starting in the fall and finishing in the summer. Or, you can combine minors to earn a bachelor's degree in Multidisciplinary Studies through the College of Media.



The Advertising minor prepares you for a variety of careers in a fast-paced and exciting field, and you can complete it entirely online. Typical job areas include advertising sales, graphic design, creative services, copywriting, media buying, account planning, and market research.

Entertainment Media

Entertainment companies are relying more and more on the media to bring their goods to the top of the consumers’ awareness. The value of social media and other new media technologies is evident, and this minor provides the knowledge and skills to break into this aspect of the entertainment industry.

Esports Management

Esports, the gaming spectator sport, is a billion-dollar global industry. This cross-disciplinary minor prepares you to market and manage large arena events for organized, multiplayer video game competitions.

Event Planning

Learn how to identify a target audience and create an event concept that will draw that audience in. This minor will train you how to launch a successful event of any size and in any industry including festivals, conferences, ceremonies, weddings, formal parties, concerts and conventions.

Health Promotion

A minor in Health Promotion can help you use communication strategies to increase awareness of health issues and encourage and support healthy behaviors. Health promotion professionals work in hospitals, schools, clinics, communities and a variety of organizations.


Journalism teaches students how to write, report, and produce content across media platforms, as well as how to engage with modern audiences using the latest digital applications and tools.

Public Relations

Regardless of your major area of study, you'll likely need communication skills. A minor in public relations gives you strategies to promote your organization and share information that builds a positive relationship with external audiences.

Sport Communication

The sport business industry is one of the largest industries in the U.S., generating billions of dollars each year. As a sport communication minor, you will gain practical skills in media writing, public relations, and strategic communications, as well as an understanding of the issues affecting professional and college sports today.

Strategic Social Media

Organizations need to communicate to and engage with their audiences via social media channels. A minor in Strategic Social Media will prepare you to workin media communications positions in industries such as healthcare, government, professional sports and hospitality.