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In the WVU Reed College of Media, all student advising is handled by the College’s in-house Advising Center. Professional staff who are trained on program requirements, curriculum changes and graduation standards are available to guide you through your academic experience.

Undergraduate Advising

Academic advisors are in our Student Services office each business day. You can stop by Martin Hall Room 104 or 108 if you need help. While the office will be open for drop-ins, longer meetings must be scheduled using our online appointment system. When you schedule, you will receive an email appointment confirmation (Zoom meetings are available). This option is best if you have more complicated issues or questions that you need to work through with your advisor.

You can also email or call your advisor at the address/number listed below their picture. These options might be better for questions that don’t require a meeting and don’t need an immediate answer. If you do not know who your advisor is, please check DegreeWorks where it should be listed. I you don't have an assigned advisor, please email or call 304-293-5686.

If your advisor hasn’t gotten back to you within 24 hours (or 48 hours if you email them over the weekend), please email and one of our team members will answer your questions.

Fall/Summer 2024 Priority Registration

  • October 18th - Professional, Graduate, L3, Athletes
  • October 23rd - Seniors: Honors, Veterans, ROTC, ADA Accommodations (90+ hours)
  • October 24th - Seniors (90+ hours)
  • October 26th - Juniors: Honors, Veterans, ROTC, ADA Accommodations (60 – 89 hours)
  • October 27th – Juniors (60 – 89 hours)
  • October 30th – Sophomores: Honors, Veterans, ROTC, ADA Accommodations (30 – 59 hours)
  • October 31st – Sophomores (30 – 59 hours)
  • November 2nd – Freshman: Honors, Veterans, ROTC, ADA Accommodations (1 – 29 hours)
  • November 3rd – Freshman (1 – 29 hours)

Classifications are based on hours earned and hours in progress for Fall 2023 term. Check your classification and register at the appropriate time. Exception groups will be notified by their department. View the registration policy.

Undergraduate Registration Process

  1. Schedule an advising appointment.
  2. Log into and review your degree audit in DegreeWorks prior to meeting with your advisor.
  3. Meet with your advisor. Create your ideal and back-up schedules using the advising worksheet or the Online Schedule Builder in STAR.
  4. Bring this completed worksheet or sample schedules from the Online Schedule Builder to our meeting. If you arrive unprepared (you haven’t looked at DegreeWorks and don’t bring a list of classes to the meeting) you will be asked to reschedule.
  5. Obtain and complete an Advising Survey form.
  6. Register for courses in STAR on your assigned pre-registration date. If a class is full and it’s a non-College of Media class, students will need to see the advising center in that department. If a College of Media course is full, students will need to contact their College of Media advisor. WVU’s Office of the Registrar will no longer accept signed STAR forms for these classes.

Academic Records

Students are responsible for the accuracy of their academic records and to have knowledge of their academic standing. This responsibility includes familiarity with WVU and College of Media regulations, standards, and requirements. Students are encouraged to meet with their academic advisor when questions arise. Students should regularly consult DegreeWorks, the official, online advising and degree auditing tool at WVU. If the student’s declared major or minor listed in DegreeWorks is incorrect, students should complete the Major/Minor Update Form.

Undergraduate Advisors

If you need assistance and don't currently have an assigned advisor, please email or call 304-293-5686.

Emily Gerber

Emily Gerber

Emily Gerber
(304) 293-3507

Advises Advertising and Public Relations, Journalism, and 4+1 students


Demetrius Greer

Email Demetrius
(304) 293-8538

Advises Journalism and Sports and Adventure Media students


Aaron Hawley

Email Aaron
(304) 293-3133

Advises Integrated Marketing Communications and Multidisciplinary Media Studies students

Emily Roush

Emily Roush

Email Emily
(304) 293-5873

Advises Honors and Game Design and Interactive Media students

Graduate Advising

All of the College of Media master's degree programs consist of 30 credit hours. Some of the programs are synchronous (students take courses and progress through the program together as a cohort) and some are asynchronous (the schedule is flexible and students can choose when they take particular classes in their educational journey). Work with the following advisors to map out your graduate education.

Cindy Hart

Cindy Hart

Email Cindy

Advises Online M.S. in Data, Digital and Integrated Marketing Communications students

Steve Urbanski

Dr. Steve Urbanski

Email Dr. Urbanski

Advises M.S. Journalism and M.S. Media Solutions and Innovation students