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Chad Mezera

Assistant Dean of Online Programs

M.S. (West Virginia University)

Chad Mezera is the Assistant Dean of Online Programs, including the master’s degree program in integrated marketing communications (IMC); graduate certificate programs in IMC and digital marketing communications; and undergraduate minors in advertising, public relations, sports communication, health promotion, strategic social media, event planning and entertainment media.

He leads an administrative team and oversees around 100 faculty members and adjunct instructors that teach the online courses offered by the College. In addition, he serves on West Virginia University’s eCampus Advisory Council. Mezera has over a decade of experience in marketing and strategic communications management.

Before coming to WVU in 2005, Mezera led the internal corporate communications activities of a major government IT reseller and solutions provider. He also implemented dozens of national and regional marketing campaigns for a non-partisan think tank focused on developing and teaching best practices in government. Mezera promoted the think tank’s centers of excellence in law enforcement, contracting, technology and environmental policy.

Mezera earned a bachelor’s degree in advertising and a master’s degree in journalism from WVU and is a member of the national journalism honorary Kappa Tau Alpha. He teaches brand equity management and introduction to IMC.

For more information on the online programs offered by the WVU College of Media, visit us on the website: