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Master of Science in Media Solutions and Innovation

The Media Solutions and Innovation graduate program explicitly prepares students to become media strategists and futurists who can function as change agents and adaptive leaders within the industry. Our 12-month online master’s degree program helps students learn about the disruptions in the media industry and how to build industry partners to assist in research and development, discovery, and creating targeted solution pathways to address some of the most challenging media problems.

This master’s program is designed to fill an identified need in the market by offering a distinct innovation program that focuses on individual entrepreneurship as an alternative to existing skills-focused “new media” programs, and as a unique graduate-level program that challenges/extends existing “teaching hospital” models in schools of journalism.

Publisher Path

Students complete the program in a NewStart cohort, taking classes sequentially. Students will first complete an introductory course, followed by eight core courses taken in thematically-paired blocks of two. After completing their core courses, students will take the capstone course, which includes a hands-on research immersion into a news organization. The program’s capstone course synthesizes all students have learned into one comprehensive project — researching and creating a business plan and audience development strategy for a real-world media publication.

Apply Online for Summer 2020

Who should enroll in the Media Solutions and Innovation master’s degree program at West Virginia University?

Why should consider enrolling in this program?

  1. There is a great need for new ownership with a true entrepreneurial mindset at a lot of rural community newspapers and other media outlets across the country.
    Current owners of these publications are looking for successors who will be an integral part of the community and will make sure the community is the focus going forward. Owners of community newspapers know that in order to remain a profitable business for the long term, diversification of revenue will have to happen. That’s where our master’s degree program comes in. We will train the next generation of media entrepreneurs to make necessary change, but keep the focus on the community.
  2. Considering the current economic climate, now may be the perfect time to apply.
    Current economic conditions means this could be a great time to learn and grow as a media entrepreneur. The coming year will make for interesting times with lots of innovation going on in the media industry. The master’s in Media Solutions and Innovation is the perfect way to be plugged into new business models during this time of forced innovation.
  3. The Media Solutions and Innovation program is an online program, allowing you to learn on your own schedule without having to leave your home.
    Our one-year master’s program is intense, but it is also designed for people who want to continue working in their current field. The program takes advantage of WVU’s groundbreaking online learning environment. There will be several in-depth, in-person workshops scheduled at WVU during the course of the program, but all of the other courses will be offered remotely.
  4. The need for local news entrepreneurs never has been greater.
    As recent events have shown, there is still a great need for credible local news outlets in this country. The appetite for reliable local news is not going away and, in fact, there will be a heightened appreciation for local news publications -- many local news outlets have been providing a valuable service to their communities, or if those outlets have disappeared there is a thirst among communities for quality information they can’t get from social media or public officials.
  5. You can learn from the comfort of your own home.
    Our master’s degree program takes advantage of WVU’s world-renowned online learning technology. This means a seamless transition for any student to a virtual classroom environment. It also means that you can take the classes on your own schedule, allowing you to continue working while you earn a master’s degree.