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Mary Kay seeks managing editor


This position is responsible for creating and producing informational, educational and motivational communications, especially publications, designed specifically for the Mary Kay independent sales force.


1. Responsible for creating and producing informational, educational and motivational communications, especially publications, designed specifically for the Consultant-level of the Mary Kay independent sales force. Develops annual Applause editorial plan, outlining concept, writing, photography, and artwork needs. Reviews and ensures compliance with to-press, on-press, delivery and mailing deadlines. Plans, writes, edits and produces the monthly publication, Applause, a four-color magazine that serves as the key means of communication with the entire sales force regarding Company product launches, promotions, incentive programs, contests, special events and the rewards of a career with Mary Kay. Reviews annual production and postage budget and monitors costs to ensure compliance.
2. Supporting the marketing and sales strategy by planning and producing Applause in an accurate and timely manner. Works with Manager, Consultant Communications, to determine marketing emphasis each quarter and plan editorial and photographic direction of cover and editorial pages of the magazine. Delegates writing assignments to supporting writers as well as planning, writing and editing articles. Is responsible for accuracy within publications. Provides advice and technical guidance to writers to enhance their writing styles and skills. Coordinates recognition of accomplishments with the Administrative Assistant or Project Manager to produce the Seminar-area portions of each Applause magazine as well as the online recognition publication: Ovation. The majority of the publications’ content is self-initiated, requiring a great amount of creativity on the part of the incumbent as well as comprehensive understanding of the Company’s strategies.
3. Coordinates the efforts of writers, artists and production staff to ensure production of quality publications are within established deadlines as well as production guidelines. Develops, recommends and implements technological developments and cost-saving measures while maintaining the quality of the publications.
4. Determines publication content and format; deals with space or time limitations. Develops creative and innovative means of communications routine or repetitive information. Streamlines all copy to make the most of space and the readers’ time. The needs of the audience, the Company and overall Company strategies must be considered.
5. Stays in contact with Marketing, Brand, Sales, Sales Education, Sales Development and Legal personnel to obtain story lines, determine editorial content and clarify policies. Coordination with creative services and free-lance writers is also of vial importance. Obtains feedback regarding published information, potential topics and responds to informational inquiries by contacting the sales force.
6. Contributes to the overall success of the Sales Force Communications Department by providing support as needed at special events; coordinating special projects including crisis communications to the sales force; and providing editorial support to other U.S. Sales Force Communications publications in all formats and international subsidiaries.
7. Assists in hiring, training and motivating a Sr. Writer, who plans, edits and writes specific sections of Applause.
8. Provides motivation, supervision, direction and training to the departmental Administrative Assistant who is responsible for planning and producing sales force printed recognition pieces including the recognition sections of Applause and all of Ovation.


1. Job requires a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Journalism, English or Communications with 5-10 years of magazine writing, editing and layout experience to effectively plan, edit, coordinate and supervise the production of Applause.
2. Previous supervisory experience required to effectively supervise staff and direct the efforts of free-lance writers, creative and production-related personnel.
3. Excellent oral and written communications skills required to interface with the sales force, employees and executives to effectively plan, write, edit and obtain feedback regarding published information and potential topics.
4. Travel required approximately 10% of work time to attend Company special events.
5. Must have good working knowledge of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Word in order to prepare articles, presentations, etc.

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